Financial Advisor Marketing

Financial Advisor Marketing


We offer a variety of services to our clients including


Search engine optimization(SEO) is the process of ranking your website in google and other search engines for specific keywords.  This is one of the best ways to generate consistent traffic to your website from your target demographic.


Social media marketing is one of the most cost effective ways to build brand awareness in today’s world. As a Financial Advisor, it’s important to maintain a consistent social media presence in order to garner authority from the next generation of investors.


We can assist with the creation of landing pages and corresponding lead magnets optimized for your target demographic.  We will then drive targeted traffic to these landing pages via organic traffic from Google and other search engines along with Google Ads & Facebook Ads.


SEO is imperative to any successful digital marketing campaign, but it does take time to see results, especially for newer domains with lower authority.  Implementing a Google Adwords campaign is a great way to supplement your digital marketing efforts and drive targeted traffic to your website in the short/medium term while we work to drive organic traffic to your website.


Facebook Ads are an amazing way to grow your brand’s awareness among your target demographic.  They not only drive likes to your Facebook fan page, they also drive targeted traffic to our landing pages as well.  As we build more organic traffic to your website via SEO, it will also expand our audience on Facebook because Facebook Ads allows us to retarget those who found you via web search.


We can assist in developing an inbound marketing campaign via various platforms.  Whether it be a blog, vlog, or podcast; we can assist in helping you develop long form content that resonates with your target demographic.  We then chop up this long form content into smaller pieces of “microcontent” that we then optimize and share across all social media platforms.


Of emerging affluent investors follow their financial advisor on social media


Average searches per month for the keyword “financial advisor near me”


Percentage of American adults who currently do not have a trusted financial advisor


of emerging affluent investors have a significantly more positive impression of financial advisors who have a good website

Financial Advisor Marketing

Historically the tried and true method of financial advisor marketing is pretty straightforward. Do amazing work for your existing clients and you will grow your client base by getting referrals from your existing clients.   That may be the way of the past, but in order to appeal to the next generation of affluent investors, financial advisors will need to change the way they think about marketing altogether. Having worked in the financial services industry for 8 years, most recently as the dedicated primary service contact for a RIA with over $5 billion AUM. I’ve seen how the biggest RIA firms in the US operate first hand and I can tell you that change is coming.


If you don’t believe me, check out the employee profiles of any big registered investment advisory firm. I guarantee they have an in house marketing department. Recent research conducted by Fidelity finds that 58 percent of emerging affluent investors have a significantly favorable impression of financial advisors who have a good website. In addition, 38 percent of those investors follow their advisor on social media and are more likely to relate to a financial advisor that has a social media presence.


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Paul has a lot of enthusiasm regarding his work. He really wants to see his clients succeed. He asks good questions and is very knowledgeable about SEO and brand development, plus he was very quick to learn our industry and develop a strategy.

Roz Anton

Paul has worked with me for awhile and I have seen him be reliable, and very helpful. He is good at getting things done. I enjoyed working with Paul and I will hire him again for more SEO work!

Melissa Psihudakis


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